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It Takes 1 Minute and 1 Decision to Save 8 Lives

In 2017, my family was devastated upon learning that my husband had end-stage non-alcoholic liver disease that had turned to liver failure and liver cancer. His only chance of survival: a liver transplant. For the next few months, all my dreams revolved around a new liver for my husband. Throughout these months, I spent countless nights curled up next to him in the ICU with doctors whispering to our pastor and loved ones of very little hope of survival until transplant.

Today, we are a post-transplant family. I thank God every day that I was my husband’s match and could donate 54% of my liver to save him and our life together! I shudder to think what would have happened if the miracle of living donation had not entered the scene. We would have had to continue waiting for a liver that could very well not have come in time.

As the months have passed since our surgery, my heart goes out to those still waiting. 22 people die every day waiting for an organ that never came, sometimes after emotionally and physically torturous months or years of waiting for “the call” to announce their hope had arrived. All the while, they’ve lived on the verge of death, hoping someone would make the decision to save their lives but having no control over the outcome.

And, each one’s death doesn’t end the suffering. A shattered family and community is left behind. Among those shattered are often children who will never know a parent; parents who will have to bury their child instead of watching her grow; and spouses, siblings, parents and friends who will be haunted by their loved one’s void for a lifetime.

You can stop this ripple effect of devastation before it begins. Please make the decision to donate life. With that one decision, you can save up to 8 lives.

It takes less than a minute. Register here to become an organ donor.

Then, consider walking alongside families who are living the nightmare of organ failure, organ cancer, or other life-threatening organ diseases. Donate to Help Hope Live. You can even choose the family you support!

Alana Rudder

Alana Rudder — Founding Member of Experience Perspective, LLC —offers content strategy, marketing project management, and content writing services to Fortune 500 brands, including Adobe, as well as countless mid-size and startup brands. She writes about business technology, martech, marketing, leadership, organizational development, and the causes that are so dear to her: organ donation, living donation, and organizations that lend to the welfare of children in crisis around the globe. When she isn't working, she loves to spend time with her rescue pets and participating in living history events with her dear husband.

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